The objective of the program is to encourage academic success by providing financial assistance to students who are committed to completing a degree offered by a recognized post-secondary institution. Financial assistance provided to eligible students includes tuition and costs for books. A monthly living allowance is provided to students enrolled full-time.


Students must complete an application for financial assistance each semester and must provide all necessary documents or information for verification of eligibility.
Should a student not submit all documents within the required time limits, financial assistance will be postponed to the month following receipt of the documents in question.
We encourage you to read the existing Education Policy (see link below). In addition, you will find attached the deadlines, the amounts granted and the list of documents required.



Primary and secondary school students from First Nations Education Council (FNEC) member schools are invited to participate in the “Winter Family Activities” drawing competition.

The winning designs will be used in the production of greeting cards for the holiday season and also to illustrate various projects within the FNEC.

The winners will be divided as follows:

  • 1 winner at primary level
  • 1 winner at secondary level

You must send your drawing in electronic format no later than Friday, November 5 by completing the following form: Microsoft Forms

The drawing must:

  1. Illustrate a winter family […]

FABLAD NOMADE (In French only)

Tu es membre d’une Première Nation ? Tu as entre 16 et 30 ans, tu es sans emploi et ne fréquentes aucune école ? Le CDFM huron-wendat a une super formation rémunérée intéressante pour toi qui se déroulera du 18 octobre au 10 décembre !

Solar Ship Internship Opportunity for Indigenous Youth in Quebec

There’s an internship opportunity for Indigenous youth from Quebec at Solar Ship Inc. The internship’s goal is to foster connections between Indigenous youth in Canada and Indigenous youth in Malawi, Africa.

It’s an 8 week, paid internship with a focus on aerospace engineering. Although experience in this field (i.e., studying it in university) would be preferable, it’s not necessary to participate as they have mentors who can help support.

They are looking for 20 Quebec-based youth between the ages of 15-30 to participate.

If you are interested in the program, contact Laura Williams at

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