It is with great pride that the Abenakis of Odanak Council team officially inaugurated its new administrative offices yesterday. Since October 20, 2014, major work has been carried out at our site at 104 rue Sibosis, in Odanak, and the end result shall now be unveiled.

This ambitious project, designed and developed by the Grand conseil de la Nation Waban-Aki (GCNWA) Technical Services team, was completed by the general contractor Construction G. Therrien following an investment of nearly 1.5 million dollars, largely from the financial surplus of the Band Council. For the occasion, Executive Director of the Odanak Band Council, Daniel G. Nolett, thanked Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) and the Secrétariat aux Affaires Autochtones du Québec (SAA), as part of its Community Infrastructures component of the Aboriginal Initiatives Fund II, for their financial contribution to the project. It is also important to highlight the quality design work of the facility’s parking lot carried out by the GCNWA’s Technical Services department. The work, valued at nearly $250,000, was then carried out by the Sorel based company Danis Construction Inc.

This occasion was also an opportunity for presenting the renovations that have just been completed at the Odanak Health Centre. Indeed, a reorganization of the archive department and management offices was made. The work, valued at over $400,000, was also designed and developed by the GCNWA’s Technical Services department. Note the active participation of several members of the community in the realization of the two projects.

It is therefore in the interest of Odanak community members along with excellent financial management by Chief Rick O’Bomsawin, the Executive Director and Band Council councillors that the Abenaki people of Odanak will now benefit from all