Please note that the bbulky waste pick-up will take place as planned on May 3, 2021 in Odanak.

It would be preferable to put out your garbage to the road the day before because the garbage pick-up is very early in the morning.

Given the current situation of Covid 19, the Régie must modify its usual method and request the collaboration of all.

  • Since there will only have 2 people per truck instead of 3 to respect the social distancing as requested by our government, the pick-up will be done by the trucker and only one garbage collector. If the pick-up is not finished durign the same day, they will finish it the next day.


  • Used Construction materials
  • Used automobile batteries
  • Used tires
  • Used metals
  • Household garbage
  • Large waste such as stone, concrete, soil or any other similar waste
  • Dangerous substances such as paint, dye, oil, grease or other similar materials as well as containers containing these materials