We would like to remind you that due to an increase in the alert level, the following measures come into effect as of THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10:

  • Visitors domiciled at another address are prohibited in private homes, with the exception of:
    – Only one visitor from another address for people living alone;
    – Caregivers;
    – Persons offering a service or support;
    – Labour for planned work;
  • Private gatherings are prohibited;
  • Organized activities in a public place are prohibited, with the exception of places of worship for a maximum of 25 people at a time;
  • Inter-regional travel to a green, yellow or orange zone is not recommended.

We sincerely thank you for the efforts made by all to protect the members of our community.

For more information, please visit the Quebec government’s Coronavirus Disease website.

Thank you for your collaboration!