Considering the current situation, the Abenaki Council of Odanak puts at your disposal this web page allowing you to find all the necessary information concerning the situation of Covid-19 within your community and Quebec as well as everything there is to know about the measures taken by the governments.

Frequently asked questions

Children / activities

The kinesiologist and the dietetic technician organize regular activities on an individual or family basis. Stay tuned!


Yes. There will be monthly interest charged at current rates on outstanding balances from October 1, 2021.

  1. For Desjardins clients – via the “Pay a bill” option by selecting “Conseil des Abénakis d’Odanak (QC)” (preferred method)
  2. By direct deposit for other financial institutions (for the procedure, contact Elisabeth Guilbeault at 450-568-2810 ext. 3022)
  3. By cheque mailed or deposited in the mail chute at the administrative office of the Abenaki Council of Odanak (104 Sibosis Street, Odanak (QC) J0G 1H0)
  4. By telephone at 450-568-2810 ext. 3001 using a credit card.

A receipt is issued and mailed for all payments received since May 25, 2020. As of June 2020, we have resumed mailing a monthly statement of account to all those who owe money to the Council.


The liaison officer at the Health Centre can refer you to certain clinics or help you with various procedures. Simply contact her at 450-568-6766 ext. 4030 to obtain the information you need.

Yes, by appointment. You can meet the kinesiologists at the Health Centre or at your home.

You simply need to contact one of the medical archivists at the Odanak Health Centre to get the information you need at the following number: 450-568-6766. Paule Leïby: ext. 4031 / Andréanne Gouin: ext. 4030

Telephone consultations and consultations at the health center (BY APPOINTMENT) are possible. The nurse will be able to advise you, offer you the care you need or refer you to the appropriate services based on her evaluation of your situation and the nursing care currently offered.

Outside regular business hours, you can call 811 at any time for Info-Santé services.

For any questions regarding childhood immunization, please contact Isabelle Dupuis, Early Childhood Nurse, at 450-568-6766 ext. 4022.

You can contact a nurse at the Health Centre at 450-568-6766. She will assess your needs and determine with you the most appropriate care and services based on your state of health and eligibility criteria.

To determine your eligibility for home care nursing, please contact Marcelle Hannis, nurse in charge of home care, at 450-568-6766 ext. 4024.

If you are concerned about COVID-19, or if you experience flu-like or gastroenteritis symptoms, or symptoms similar to COVID-19, call 1-877-644-4545 (toll-free). If you have these symptoms:

  • Do not go to a medical clinic without an appointment.
  • If your condition permits it, call 1-877-644-4545 to be referred to the right resource.
  • Go to the emergency room only if you have breathing difficulties (difficulty breathing at rest or inability to breathe while lying down).

Please also refer to the following link:

Since May 11, 2020, it has been possible, subject to specific conditions, for a family caregiver to provide significant help or support to a person living in a residential and long-term care centre, a family-type intermediate resource or a private residence for seniors. Caregivers who will be authorized to offer this assistance are those who provide support on a regular basis, every day or several times a week to meet needs and contribute to the integrity and well-being of a loved one.

For more information, see the following links:

An explanatory video is also available by following this link:

Home support

No, the only active services at the moment are: help with bathing, grocery shopping, meals and weekly housekeeping.

Medical transportation

Yes, if your appointment is essential and is not cancelled. The coordinator will prioritize private vehicles, but if you do not have a private vehicle, she can provide medical transportation. To do so, we will make sure to check that you do not have any symptoms related to COVID-19.
You should call the Medical Transportation Coordinator as soon as you find out that your appointment is not taking place. That way, she will cancel the medical transportation and you will not have a penalty on your record.
If you are in no condition to drive your vehicle or if no one can take you to the nearest hospital, you must call 911 to obtain the services of an ambulance to take you to the emergency room for treatment as soon as possible.
Yeah. Just dial 911. As for the invoice, simply forward it to the coordinator for payment.
You must send your invoice as well as your medical appointment certificate by email to the coordinator in order to obtain reimbursement for your meal. For any expenses related to your medical appointments (e.g. meals, parking, etc.), please send your receipts to the Medical Transportation Coordinator at [email protected]




– In case of symptoms, contact the Government of Quebec: 1-877-644-6565
– Government of Canada Covid-19 Information Line: 1-833-784-4397 
– General enquiries for the Canada Emergency Benefit to Assist Workers and Business: 613-369-3710